Welcome to Vaping

Welcome to Vaping

I finally got my vape pen kit and I love it so much that I cannot ever go without one for so long again. I luckily asked friends and they were able to direct me towards some of the better options that are available on the market today. What I learned first-hand is that with so many options out there, it really takes a while before I was able to find the one that worked best for me. Over the last few months, I have studied up on these suggestions and taken it to heart. What I do know is that now that I have made up my mind on the features I am searching for, it will always be easier in the future to get the kit I need and not have to go through this ever again. For those of you that are new to the industry, this guide can be used to help you in the future.

For me and my friends, there is nothing as fun and relaxing as sitting on the porch and vaping for a short session. I knew that I wanted to know the truth about vaping and with so much information out there, it is sometimes hard to get the proper information. I knew that I wanted to have the facts that really mattered, so I insisted on reading up on medical studies from various sources so that I could have an informed opinion. Since vaping is so simple, you don’t even have to think about it too much. In fact, I would advise people to not overthink it and just relax. There are a slew of vaporizer styles out there to choose from, plus tons of e-liquids, and of course, vapor etiquette. There are four types out there when it comes to vaporizers:


different kinds of E-Cigarettes

These vaporizers resemble cigarettes and are used to replace cartridges which contain e-liquid. These are ideal for those that do not have as much experience vaping and are looking to get into it in a simple way.

Pocket Vapes

These vaporizers are very portable and are easy to use, offering enhanced vapor production compared to e-cigarettes.

Pen Vaporizers

Spherical in shape and resembling a pen, these vaporizers have two primary parts – the battery and an atomizer. Users place the e-liquid in the tank which contains an atomizer. From there, it is heated via the battery to create the vapor.

Box Mod Vaporizers

Box Mod Vaporizers

Considered the most advanced of the four, box mod vaporizers are ideal for those that are experienced with vaping and this one comes with a battery box that is quite large and a digital screen that allows you to switch the settings of your vaporizer. For maximum vaping, the box mods are definitely the one to invest in, but you will have to adjust the settings on your own. This is why some users do not prefer them if they are not above a beginner level.

What types of e-liquids to use?

Once you have selected a vaporizer, next you will have to select the e-liquid you want to try out. There are so many flavors and you can have a bit of fun narrowing down the field. I prefer those that are a bit sweet or fruity. How much nicotine that can be found in e-liquid varies from company to company. Check the strengths out first and decide the ones that are the best for your taste buds. There is also the option to get e-liquid with no nicotine.

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