Author: Tonya Senna

Bottle Needed

Bottle Needed

Because I like to stay physically active each day, I know how important it is to stay hydrated throughout my workout. As such, the time has come for me to invest in a new water bottle for my exercise routines because the one I has now has been compromised and I need to replace it as soon as possible. Of course, since the last time I really checked out water bottles, a slew of new companies have come on to the scene, each claiming to be the best of the best. I know that means that I will have to take a bit of time out of my schedule to do some research so that I can find the best one for my needs. Once I asked my friends that go to my gym which brands they prefer, I was given some advice on a few sites that I should check out to finally whittle down the products that were my favorites and then make a final decision.

One of the first sites I went to was, which had awesome information on how to train as well as products that I could use to complement my workouts. I was advised by friends to click here now to do some extra searching on other equipment, like row machines, and the best headphones to use while working out. Body Trained seems to be arguably the best site to get most information, but if you have other needs, you can definitely check out other sites to get all of your questions answered.

The ability to stay hydrated is not as easy as we tend to believe and in fact, if you are ever feeling thirsty, the truth is that you are already dehydrated and should have had some water probably half an hour ago. You have probably heard many times that we are supposed to have about 8 glasses each day of water, but how many of us actually get that many? If you are able to drink that many a day, you would be able to more effectively flush out toxins from the body, evade headaches, and boost the energy levels too. Plus, you’d improve cardiovascular health, clear up any skin issues, lube up joints, stimulate muscles, and possibly even lose weight in the process.

You would be surprised at how many people do not reach these recommended daily amounts and most people are unaware of just how detrimental this can be to overall health in the long run. Luckily, we live in modern times where it is far easier than ever before to stay hydrated and we have fewer excuses that we can use as to why we have not drank them. Smart water bottles come in every size and shape imaginable, and some are designed specifically to improve drinking habits, with some even coming with smartphone notifications to alert you as to when you need to have a few ounces of water.

Other smart water companies simply make water more flavorful, coming in fruity, refreshing flavors. If you have been asking yourself what you can do to get more water in your system on a daily basis, the following are some of the best water bottles available on the market today.

DrinKup Smart Water

DrinKup Smart Water

This is a water bottle that boasts all the high-tech you can imagine in water in that it is able to track your intake across an entire day, logging drinking times as well as the ounces you’ve drank via a friendly app that displays your stats in real time. Not only does it track consumption, but you are aware of your hydration levels based on daily goals that are calculated based on your weight and height. If the number happens to drop below 80%, the lid will then vibrate and this is when you are to turn it over. A bit steep in price, this may deter some buyers, but the bottle is stainless steel perfection, comes with many user-friendly options, and you are able to sync it up with your Fitbit or Apple Health apps. What more could you ask for?

Hidrate Spark 2.0

Hidrate Spark 2.0

The way this water bottle works is simple: it simply glows when you need to be consuming water. The water bottle has been designed to calculate water needs through the app that accompanies it that is based on your physiology and height. It then will light up during the day when you need to take a few sips. There is also a microprocessor sensor that is located under the lid that is able to track consumption as the app delivers your daily stats. Another bonus is that thanks to its dual coin cell batteries, you won’t have to recharge it constantly. So it is a bit expensive but totally worth the investment in my opinion.

Welcome to Vaping

Welcome to Vaping

I finally got my vape pen kit and I love it so much that I cannot ever go without one for so long again. I luckily asked friends and they were able to direct me towards some of the better options that are available on the market today. What I learned first-hand is that with so many options out there, it really takes a while before I was able to find the one that worked best for me. Over the last few months, I have studied up on these suggestions and taken it to heart. What I do know is that now that I have made up my mind on the features I am searching for, it will always be easier in the future to get the kit I need and not have to go through this ever again. For those of you that are new to the industry, this guide can be used to help you in the future.

For me and my friends, there is nothing as fun and relaxing as sitting on the porch and vaping for a short session. I knew that I wanted to know the truth about vaping and with so much information out there, it is sometimes hard to get the proper information. I knew that I wanted to have the facts that really mattered, so I insisted on reading up on medical studies from various sources so that I could have an informed opinion. Since vaping is so simple, you don’t even have to think about it too much. In fact, I would advise people to not overthink it and just relax. There are a slew of vaporizer styles out there to choose from, plus tons of e-liquids, and of course, vapor etiquette. There are four types out there when it comes to vaporizers:


different kinds of E-Cigarettes

These vaporizers resemble cigarettes and are used to replace cartridges which contain e-liquid. These are ideal for those that do not have as much experience vaping and are looking to get into it in a simple way.

Pocket Vapes

These vaporizers are very portable and are easy to use, offering enhanced vapor production compared to e-cigarettes.

Pen Vaporizers

Spherical in shape and resembling a pen, these vaporizers have two primary parts – the battery and an atomizer. Users place the e-liquid in the tank which contains an atomizer. From there, it is heated via the battery to create the vapor.

Box Mod Vaporizers

Box Mod Vaporizers

Considered the most advanced of the four, box mod vaporizers are ideal for those that are experienced with vaping and this one comes with a battery box that is quite large and a digital screen that allows you to switch the settings of your vaporizer. For maximum vaping, the box mods are definitely the one to invest in, but you will have to adjust the settings on your own. This is why some users do not prefer them if they are not above a beginner level.

What types of e-liquids to use?

Once you have selected a vaporizer, next you will have to select the e-liquid you want to try out. There are so many flavors and you can have a bit of fun narrowing down the field. I prefer those that are a bit sweet or fruity. How much nicotine that can be found in e-liquid varies from company to company. Check the strengths out first and decide the ones that are the best for your taste buds. There is also the option to get e-liquid with no nicotine.

Daily Motion

Daily Motion

As adults, it should be a golden rule that we get daily physical activity whenever we can. I know that sometimes it is hard to schedule in half an hour every day, but you would not believe how advantageous it is to have that bit of daily exercise as it has been shown to really help us all out as we get older. There are those people that go to the gym to improve their overall cardiovascular health, and then there are those that attend specifically to build muscle. Whatever your reasons may be, the only important thing is that you don’t stop moving and get active if you want to be in decent shape as you get older.

two girls running

With so many exercise routines out there, it sometimes can be hard to ascertain which ones are the best for certain body types. For me, I knew that I would have to check into all of this online because I wanted the most effective workouts for the least amount of time possible as I have a very busy schedule. What many people fail to also recognize is that working out is beneficial for our minds as well as our bodies. Working out has been shown to boost human brain function, as well as benefit our relationships, and life overall. Here are some of the ways daily motion can result in happier times across the board.

Reducing Stress

Whenever I have a bad day at the office, I find that a few minutes of stretching and relaxation are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to relieving stress. One common benefit is that sweating it out can reduce mental stress and ultimately help us to manage it. The chemicals that are released when we workout are a way for our bodies to properly respond to stress and keep it at a manageable level. So, bearing that in mind, remember that working out can be one of the most effective ways to keep stress at bay and boost your body’s ability to handle mental tension.

Boosting the Happy Chemicals of the Body

happy couple running

Sure, working out may seem arduous and difficult, but the reality is that when we are working out, the body is releasing natural chemicals that produce a feeling of euphoria and happiness. These endorphins are better than any man-made drugs and if you workout enough, you will find that you are in a better mood and less likely to suffer from anxiety. For this reason alone, I find it imperative to hit up my gym at least three times a week, plus add some yoga whenever I am unable to get into the gym in the comfort of my own home.

This is helpful for those of us that abhor gyms and just want to work out enough to keep our mood positive. At the end of the day, we are responsible for our own well-being and it helps to elevate self-worth when we know we are doing the right things by our mind, body, and spirit.